Kerrobert Skating Club

The Kerrobert Skating Club is a Skate Canada affiliated club that offers CanSkate and StarSkate programs as outlined by Skate Canada.


Can Skate is a 7 step learn to skate program that teaches the basic skating movements such as skate forward, skate backward, stop, turn, jump etc. Children enrolled in CanSkate need no previous skating ability.


The StarSkate program teaches participants the required elements of figure skating such as edges, jumps, spins etc. Participants in this program must have already completed the first 6 stages of CanSkate.

Our Skating Club

Our coach Anna Bakanec, has been with our club since 2010 and has acheived her Skate Canada Level 1 coaching acreditation.

The Kerrobert Skating Club has an annual carnival to show case the skaters abilities and learnings throughout the year, this carnival is open to the public and takes place the first Sunday in March annually.

Would you like to Join?

For more information on our club, how to register or to become a volunteer please call Rayanne Roblin at (306) 834-5661

For more information on CanSkate, StarSkate, Skate Canada or Skate Canada Saskatchewan, please visit the links below. 


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