NEW Penalty Rates Under the Animal Control Bylaw

December 01, 2016

It was evident, following the October 26 vote, that the community did not want to prohibit certain dog breeds such as Pit Bulls, Rottweilers and Dobermans.  Town Council has amended the Animal Control Bylaw so that these breeds are now permitted as pets.

It is also evident, that Kerrobert has a problem with dogs running at large.  It is a shame that all residents do not feel comfortable going for a walk because they fear an encounter with someone's dog.  Town Council is 'taking back the streets'.  The new penaties for dogs that run at large are:

1st Offence - $200    

2nd Offence - $300     

3rd Offence - $500

If the dog owner neglects to make restitution, the Town will serve a Summons to appear in Small Claims Court.  If the dog owner still refuses to pay the fine after the Court awards a judgment, the Town will pursue its options through the Court of Queen's Bench and the Office of the Sheriff.  The Town will also register the judgment against your credit score. 

Penalties have already been issued.  If you want to keep what's in your wallet ... please be a responsible pet owner.