911 False Alarms

April 26, 2017

Please be advised that effective June 1, 2017 the following policy will be in place:

That, due to the frequency of security system false alarms that result in unnecessary 911 responses, we charge the property owner the following rates:

$300 + GST/ Call   If the 911 call is cancelled before equipment leaves the Fire Hall;


$500 + GST / Call    If equipment leaves the Fire Hall.


To reduce the number of calls where our fire department’s volunteers are responding to false alarms rather than actual calls for assistance.  Remember that these volunteers are leaving their jobs or personal lives to respond to these false alarms.


1.  Contact your security system administrator and ensure that if your system triggers a fire alarm, that the security company will contact you first rather than immediately calling 911.  This will give you an opportunity to prevent an unnecessary 911 call if, in fact, it is a false alarm.

2.  If you are using a cellular phone, add the security company's phone number to your list of contacts so that their name will display when they phone you.  Occasionally, when an unknown number appears, folks choose not to answer the call ... this will prevent that.