May 20 Covid Update

May 20, 2020


May 20, 2020


Farmers are seeding, the air is warm and the sun has been shining.  Out for a walk, one can almost imagine that the world is as it always was.  We may have temporarily lost some options but we have not lost the option of being friendly to our neighbors with a smile and visit, we are still able to get into our yards or gardens and we are still able to gather good energy from the warm sun.  I hope you were able to enjoy 2020 May long weekend to some capacity.


It is great to see our businesses re-opening and they will certainly need our support after many were required to reduce hours or close.  Lets make it the norm to shop and eat local, to call our local professionals first if you are looking for a new product and to look for the positives in these small businesses that are working hard to stay afloat while they provide employment for our families and support to our recreation facilities.  A strong business community makes for a better place to live.


The Town office has opened their doors again.  At time of writing we are open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 – 12:00 and 1:00 – 4:30.  Of course you can expect to see safety precautions in place and we trust that everyone has come to know the importance of these precautions in order to keep our staff and our community safe.  The Museum and the Gallery remain closed.  Unfortunately, there is no current word from Wheatland Regional Library on their expected opening date.  We are anxious to get the Library opened and our staff back to work.


May 17-23 is National Public Works Week and it’s a great time to send a special thanks to this group of men in our community.  With reduced staffing and increased safety precautions, they are being asked to work harder than ever before.  We are very proud of the work they are doing, this week in particular there is a focus on road repair.  Our Recreation staff is working nearly full time in the Public Works department and although our recreation facilities remain cared for; with no daily use, our guys are able to devote their time to other projects.  Cross training is well underway and we are very appreciative of the work our team is doing and their willingness to learn.


Recreation professionals are working hard across the province to brainstorm various ways to open safely when we are permitted to do so in Phase 4.  Many webinars and meetings are happening with various organizations to discuss ways we can do this.  Hope is running low for many communities across the province in regards to their pools opening.  Many Councils have made the difficult decision already to remain closed for the summer, including Wilkie pool.  As mentioned previously, this decision will be discussed at the June 8 and June 10, 2020 Rec Board and Council meetings.  Unfortunately, Kerrobert Minor Ball had to make the difficult choice to cancel their 2020 season.  Be sure to check out their Facebook page “Kerrobert Minor Ball” on how to have your fees refunded.


The Golf Course and fishing at the Reservoir is open!  This is welcome news to all those who love the sport and an open invitation to try it if you have never have.


A reminder of important upcoming meetings and dates : 


Thursday May 21-Park Committee
Monday May 25-Communities in Bloom
Thursday May 28-Fairground Committee
Saturday May 30-CIB Planting Day
Thursday June 4 – Library Board
Monday June 8-Recreation Board


Hiring of summer students has begun and this week we began the process of offering 4 positions to previous seasonal employees of our pool and our public works staff; all of whom are well suited to the positions they have been offered.  We look forward to sharing their names with you once the hiring process has been completed.  We are very excited to see provide extra services to our community through these employment opportunities that are funded through provincial and federal grants.  We will continue to look for ways to offer more employment to our youth and encourage you to call the Recreation office if you are looking for names of capable youth to help out in any capacity.


The Kindersley RCMP put out a recent post on Facebook with information that was directed at three communities including Kerrobert.  We know that their directives are put in place to keep us safe.  The following is copied from their Facebook page :




Kindersley, Kerrobert and Eston RCMP have been receiving complaints of ATV's, dirt bikes and other off road vehicles being operated in urban areas.


There will be increased enforcement in regards to these complaints. Some of the following offences that will be enforced:


Saskatchewan All Terrain Vehicle Act:


Sec. 3(1) - Operate an ATV without a driver's licence - $150 fine.
Sec 4 - No person under the age of 16 years old shall operate an ATV - fine amount determined by Judge in court
Sec. 16(1) - Exceed a reasonable and safe speed - $150 fine.
Sec 18(1) - Fail to wear helmet and eye protection - $100 fine.


Saskatchewan Traffic Safety Act:


Sec. 209(6)(a) - Failing to stop at a stop sign - $230 fine. (All vehicles/ATV's must stop at stop signs.)


CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 16 ARE NOT ALLOWED TO OPERATE AN ATV ON ANY ROAD, HIGHWAY OR STREET - Operating an ATV under the age of 16, speeding, or driving recklessly will have their ATV impounded for a period of 30 days in accordance with the Saskatchewan ATV Act - Sec. 33(1).


Stay safe!


If you need encouragement to get through this difficult time, spend some time reading Echoes from the Tower, our local History Book.  Its pages are full of unbelievable stories of our ancestors.  Check out the great love story on page 289 of Gus and Mathilda Jorgenson or read about the challenges that Blake and Walter Williams overcame on page 548.   These books are for sale at the Town office for $20 each and could be delivered if you call the Rec Office at 834-8355. 


Remember to reach out if you or someone you know is in need of help.  Our local professionals including those in health, finance, religion, education and childcare are here to offer their services.  Some important phone numbers to keep close for immediate help include :


Sask Health Line - 811
West Central Crisis Center – 1-306-463-6555
West Central Crisis after hours – 1-306-463-1860 (24 hour line)
Heartland Health Region - 1-866-268-9139
Kids Help Phone – 1-800-668-6868
Kerrobert Food Bank - 834-5389
Public Works on call phone – 834-7788
Recreation on call phone – 834-8355


So as another week goes by, we remain committed to keeping our residents safe, physically and emotionally.  The work being done by emerging leaders in this community is outstanding.  You don’t have to look far to see the creativity and care that our people are offering to make life not only bearable but better.  Let’s continue to work together to keep everyone safe.  Don’t lose hope, this too shall end. 


Bobbi Hebron
Recreation Director