July 15th Covid Update

July 16, 2020

July 15, 2020

There is an initiative this week in Kerrobert to celebrate and thank our local Health Care Workers for their incredible work, dedication and leadership during this pandemic.  We have been blessed with health care workers who have shared important messages, who have ensured the safety of our Seniors and who continue to take care of themselves so that they can go to work and keep the rest of us healthy.  Please join the 2020 Park Program leaders in thanking our local health care workers by painting a rock for our community garden, by sharing a rainbow on your window or sidewalk to brighten their day or by thanking them personally.  They have been hard at work under difficult circumstances for at least 18 weeks now.  If you work in the Health Care system caring for our people – THANK YOU.

The recent spike in case in west central Sask. should remind us of how easily the Covid virus spreads.  We will stay safe providing we continue to follow the safety precautions of regular hand washing, physical distancing, wearing masks when necessary and staying home when showing ANY signs of sickness.  It also helps if we show support to those who follow these safety precautions.  We have a number of people in our community who we know and love that have comprised immune systems and we can help keep them safe by making wise choices.  Seems simple, let’s do it.

The 2020 Park Program leaders have struggled like the rest of us to build a plan that ensures everyone’s safety from the Covid virus and to still deliver their goal of offering a summer program.  The constant changes to the Sask Re-Open plan and then the recent spike in cases has had them changing plans and re-planning on short notice.  We made the difficult decision to postpone the weekly gathering as a group and instead to provide all registrants with a bag of activities and goodies.  Many thanks to all the parents who were contacted this week with this news and provided positive feedback on making this safe decision.  We encourage you to register your child by messaging the Kerrobert Swimming Pool and Park Program Facebook page so that you can stay up to date on what is happening.  There are currently over 20 kids registered for the program and 5 youth leaders and many adults who are helping with the program.

As we begin to consider what the fall will look like in terms of re-opening options, we are reminded to look to our Provincial Government for guidelines on safe practises.  The Sask Re-Open Plan is referenced over and over again as we start to look at how we can open indoor facilities in our rural communities.  Organizations such as the Sask Hockey Association and the Sask Curl organization are trusted to recommend safe practises specific to their sport.  Finally, we must consider that each rural community has unique circumstances requiring us to alter or manoeuvre in the best way we can while ensuring community safety and the service we are striving for.  Some decisions that will need to be considered locally include rental of the PCC may not include hiring a staff member to attend events to clean and ensure that renters follow all safety rules or rental of the arena may not include having a staff member man each door to ensure that hand sanitizing is done.  This WILL instead require each of us to be personally responsible.  We will continue to see challenges as we open and I hope that we can do it together.  Buckle up for more to come.

No decisions have been made in regards to arena booths for the 2020-2021 season and we will continue to stay updated on what that may look like.  In anticipation for potential changes we have posted an ad looking for interest from individuals or organizations that would be interested in leasing the booth for the upcoming season.  Please call the Recreation Office at 834-2344 for more information.

A reminder that the PCC is booked for the Provincial Election on Oct. 26th and our Municipal Election is booked for Nov. 9th.  On both occasions, extra cleaning will be done and safety protocols will be followed.  If you are looking for more information about either, contact the Town office regarding the local election at (306) 834-2361 or call (306) 430-7267 for info on the Provincial Election.

The Kerrobert Library hours have been changed for the summer to only be open on Tuesdays.  They can be contacted by email at or phone at 834-5211.  Please check out their Facebook page to read about their online summer read program and give them a call to pick up a grab bag of great books!  Keep reading and keep talking about books; it’s a great way to travel the world while staying home.  A huge thank you to Macro Properties for the grant we received to set up an extra space for Library programming, for counselling by the Crisis Center and Victim Services and for Tutoring.  Librarian Gerri Walz has created a warm and welcoming quiet space allowing for more services to be offered in our Courthouse in a beautiful and appropriate setting. 

Work on the Main Pool will begin July 20th.  ICS will be repairing the damaged basin and work is expected to last approximately 3 weeks to one month.  We welcome them while they are here.  The leak in the paddling pool has been discussed with our Public Health Officer and we are excited to say that we will be able to run next year with only minor alterations.  Thanks to the volunteers who have been helping at the pool.

Each year the Kerrobert Cemetery committee hires staff to cut grass and do minor jobs throughout the cemetery.  This year they have decided to hire extra help, bring in necessary equipment and put in many more volunteer hours to tackle major projects such as levelling headstones and graves, cutting back trees, filling holes and identifying gravesites.  Although they may not be able to complete every job that needs doing this year, these major projects see success when we work together by volunteering and donating to help cover costs.  If you are interested in helping out in either way contact the Town office.

The spike in cases in west central Sask may quite likely have caused extra stress for many of us.  We may need to dig deeper to find things to be grateful for and to look for the little things that can make us laugh.   Be strong when you can, lean when you need to and reach out when its time.

Sask Health Line - 811
West Central Crisis Center – 1-306-463-6555
West Central Crisis after hours – 1-306-463-1860 (24 hour line)
Heartland Health Region - 1-866-268-9139
Kids Help Phone – 1-800-668-6868
Kerrobert Food Bank - 834-5389
Recreation on call phone – 834-8355

Stay well and stay strong,


Bobbi Hebron
Recreation Director


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