Weekly Covid Update

October 28, 2020

Oct. 28, 2020

Week 33 – Many families are busy preparing costumes, buying candy or decorating their front steps for Halloween, and many people are opting out of handing out treats this year due to Covid.  It’s a great time to respect personal opinions and do what works best for you and your family.  For those handing out treats, Halloween posters can be found at various businesses as well as the Arena, the Town office and the Library.  These posters will identify your home as one that welcomes trick or treaters.

Regina CBC Morning Edition recently called for an interview asking for ghost stories from the Kerrobert Courthouse or newly branded – Kerrobert Cultural Center.  It can be found on the CBC website from the morning of Oct. 26th for anyone interested in looking it up – if you dare!  Like it or not the “Kerrobert Courthouse” is known across the province and perhaps all of Canada for its ghost stories – in fact this building is listed as one of the top 10 most Haunted Buildings in Saskatchewan and it has served as a tourist attraction for those interested in hearing these stories.  We can promise that whether a tourist or local is interested in the Art Gallery, our Museum, our Library or in hearing our ghost stories, our Courthouse will provide them with a rich cultural experience. 

The Courthouse Committee has mailed out a brochure regarding the plan for the Festival of Trees this year.  Be sure to hold the date for Dec. 12 and watch for more information!

The Hall was very busy this week with a number of events happening.  The Fall Craft Fair was very well attended and ran with safety as a priority.  The Provincial Election was held on Monday and the first of two Flu Clinics was held on Oct. 28.  Mark your calendars for the next event on Dec. 12, the Christmas Makers Market.

The Kerrobert Library has new books coming in weekly as well craft projects are often available.  Please do not hesitate to contact our Librarians if you have questions about books or to apply for a Library card.  There is no cost to being part of our Library and these books will provide you with a full winter of entertainment - “That’s the thing about books.  They let you travel without moving your feet” Jhumpa Lahiri.

The Kerrobert Legion has decided that due to Covid 19, they will be unable to host a public Remembrance Day Service on Weds. Nov. 11.  This was a difficult decision but the decreased number of members and the concern of safety for their members and our community brought them to this difficult decision.  They are however, planning to pay tribute to those who served by running a private service with the hope that they may be able to live stream it.  Poppies will once again be on sale at local businesses and students at KCS will once again be participating in the Poem, Poster, Essay contest.  They trust that the community of Kerrobert will still keep the reason for Remembrance Day alive by wearing a poppy, sharing stories with our youth, putting wreaths in windows, reading the names on our Cenotaph and finding personal ways to pay tribute.  We continue to encourage you to visit the Kerrobert Cemetery as their committee is working on the Red Leaf project which honors those who have served by placing a red maple leaf on their graves.

The Kerrobert Reservoir has recently seen hours and hours of work being done by the Wildlife Federation members and their families.  With help from the Parks for All grant and donation of time and equipment from local businesses they were able to purchase material to help create a waterfront area next to the docks allowing more room for people to social distance while enjoying the space.  As well, the Town of Kerrobert was happy to help finance aeration pumps that were urgently required to replace those that were no longer functioning.  These pumps will ensure the fish stay alive for the winter months and continue to provide a fun winter activity for those who enjoy ice fishing.

I am so happy to report that the first busy weekend at the rink went GREAT!  I am told that every person attending was wearing masks and following all posted instructions.  Over 70 spectators were in attendance, well under our number of 150 maximum.  The U13 (PeeWee) team took the first home win of the season, a sure sign of a great upcoming season of hockey for our Tiger teams!

The Recreation Board is currently reviewing the idea of installing cameras in the arena through a company called LiveBarn.  This company installs the hardware and software needed to be able to stream hockey games in our arena.  There are a number of items to work through prior to Rec Board and Council approving this idea including the capabilities of our internet connection, costs to install electricity and training staff to promote and troubleshoot the programming.  Research done around the province indicates that communities that have installed it are pleased to date and the company can be found in arenas around North America.  Spectators who are not able to attend games due to Covid or other reasons would subscribe to LiveBarn and be able to watch the games.  We encourage community members to take a look at Live Barn and contact the Rec Office if you have information that will help us make this decision at the Nov. 9th meeting.

You may have heard that we recently had some trouble with our Zamboni, which cancelled 4 hockey practises and 2 public skates.  Our competent staff worked after hours replacing the starter and solving other problems to get it back on the ice and trustworthy for another full season.  We are currently reviewing the costs of the repairs from the last 5 years and we are starting to look at quotes for both new and used Zambonis as we consider future replacement this machine. 

The Curling Club has submitted their recommendation to Council for the 2020/2021 season.  Any curler of any age group who would like to curl this season is encouraged to reach out to a Curling Club member or to the Rec Office to express their interest.

We wish farewell to Brandon Zerr and Jim Rolston from our Recreation Board.  Brandon has been part of the Recreation Board since he got on Council.  He attended monthly Recreation meetings and was an important voice for Recreation at the Council table.  We appreciate Brandon’s time and strong commitment to bettering our community and wish him well with his young, busy family!  Jim Rolston has served on the Recreation Board as a representative from the RM of Mariposa for the last few years.  He brought with him a wealth of knowledge from his many years of being involved in our community and he helped us solve many pressing issues.  I will always appreciate his support during this time.  The Recreation Board looks forward to working with whoever will be appointed to our committee.

Stay active for your body, look for the positive for your soul and keep learning for your mind.  And perhaps the most important of them all, know when to ask for help. 

Sask Health Line - 811
West Central Crisis Center – 1-306-463-6655
West Central Crisis after hours – 1-306-463-1860 (24 hour line)
Heartland Health Region - 1-866-268-9139
Kids Help Phone – 1-800-668-6868
Kerrobert Food Bank - 834-5294 or 834-8292
Kerrobert KidSport – 834-2344
Kerrobert Handibus – 834-7464
Recreation on call phone – 834-8355

Bobbi Hebron
Recreation Director