November 10, 2020 Covid 19 Update

November 16, 2020

Nov. 10, 2020 Week 35 –

Huge thanks goes out to the Town staff, contractors, good neighbors, supportive businesses and strong youth who pitched in with shovels, backhoes and other equipment to help clean up from this past weekends storm. It is certainly a team effort and everyone who did their part or more are appreciated! Thank you for continued patience while they work away at this clean up. And thank you to those who expressed gratitude through phone calls and texts and words of encouragement! Welcome New Staff Welcome to our new hires and to those staff who are returning for the winter season! John and Darlene Gillies are once again our Curling Rink Ice Technicians who bring with them years of experience and a true dedication to their work and to our community. Rob Ryan has been hired with Public Works and he has quickly become an important part of our team, it’s great to have you Ryan! You may see Ryan on the Zamboni as the Council continues with cross training between departments. We welcome back Chris Hood to help with arena custodian duties, AA, Junior and Senior hockey games. Thanks Chris for always making yourself available to help when we need you. Lastly, we welcome Gabe Dobson who plays for the Rage team and will be working with us until Christmas as we finish off hours with the Canada Summer Student grant. Thanks for your help on this most busy week Gabe and we look forward to working with you! Recreation Board Meeting Highlights The Recreation Board met this past week with a full agenda to review. Some of the highlights include : Transferring funds to finalize the Chiller project that totalled $76,000, all of which were covered by donations from our community. The Pool project total was $81,664 and the Municipal Economic Enhancement Program covered these costs. Funds for the Diamond 3 Project have been transferred to reserves so we can complete that project in 2021. $5308.60 of donations and grants were received, again special thanks goes out the Prarieland Players who made a $4000 donation to the PCC. The ice rental report was reviewed and Sept ice rentals totalled $3926 down from $7359 in 2019; this was expected due to opening two weeks later. The October ice rentals totalled $10,720 down from $12,650 in 2019. Information from Live Barn was well received by the Recreation Board and a recommendation was sent to Council to proceed. This will place cameras in the rink for games and practises and those who subscribe to LiveBarn will be able to view, watch for more information on this. A great discussion was had regarding requests for free rentals at Recreation facilities or free ice rentals. The Recreation Board has a policy that free rentals are not given to any group as these requests come in several times a year. Safe Opening plans and their revisions were reviewed for the Arena, the Curling Rink and the PCC. The Park committee submitted their request to place new equipment at Poolside park which includes monkey bars, a spinner and a lunar scooter; these were recommended for placement in 2021. And lastly, budgeting for 2021 has begun with a discussion on which major recreation projects should be considered for next year. Stay tuned for more information on this! Festival of Trees and Christmas Lights The Courthouse Restoration Society has been hard a work planning for a festive season in Kerrobert. They have been busy stringing lights in the Courtyard and planning for the Dec. 12 Festival of Trees. Keep watching for more information on what will be happening. KidSport Town of Kerrobert Tel: (306) 834-2361 Fax: (306) 834-2633 Email: P. O. Box 558 KERROBERT, SASK. S0L 1R0 Higher than usual applications for KidSport have been received this fall and we want to be sure that families know that Kerrobert KidSport is available to those who kids ages 5-18 who wish to participate in a registered sport and need assistance with the costs of registration. The provincial government does provide minimal funding to our local chapter but we will be counting on donations to assist with the expected increased costs. Please consider donating to Kerrobert KidSport – “so all kids can play”. Thank you to the Kerrobert Kinsmen who have been strong supporters in the past. Election Congratulations to all those elected officials who will be representing our Rural Municipalities, our School Division and the Town of Kerrobert. The Recreation Board looks forward to working with those who will attending our meetings. Local Business Support – Christmas shopping With Halloween and Remembrance Day over, our thoughts turn to Christmas. We know that local businesses have struggled to stay afloat with the challenges of Covid 19 and we encourage you to make efforts to shop local this holiday season. It’s so important to remember that these businesses are who we go to when looking for donations for our raffle tables, our tournaments, our flower pots, our facility projects and more. They provide employment for our friends and families and their people live and work in our community. A strong business sector is a clear indication of a strong community. Covid 19 can affect more than our health, this far reaching virus could have devastating effects on our business community if we let it. Museum Timeline Project The Museum committee met last week to discuss plans to have the Museum prepared for the Courthouse Centennial Celebration next summer. We have been working the past three summers with hired students to build a timeline of Kerroberts history so that we could display it on the walls of the basement. This winter the committee will be busy with a variety of projects with the hopes of having a timeline displayed in time for the celebration. This will include going through all items in storage and either selling, giving or placing these items; painting the basement; having community members edit the timeline information and filling in gaps that were no doubt missed; and finally, building our timeline and presenting it to the public. Watch for more information and how you can be involved! New Covid 19 Guidelines As of todays date (Nov. 12) there are no new guidelines that have been released by the Sask Health Authority. Sadly, with the increased numbers in Saskatchewan, there is anticipation that we may hear of tighter restrictions coming soon. Our area of Central West has not remained untouched and we should be behaving in a way that the virus is always in the area. This will ensure that we take precautions to prevent spread at all times. Stay active, just do it safely! Curling in Kerrobert The Curling Club is putting in ice as we speak with the hopes of starting curling in the next few weeks. If you would like to curl, we encourage you to reach out to the Rec office at 834-2344 or 834-8355. The more interest we get from the community, the more chance that programming will be put in place. Once the ice is in, the Curling Rink Double Take Out Lounge will be opening providing enough volunteers are found. If you are interested in working the Curling Rink Bar for Rage or Tiger games, please contact the Rec Office at 834-2344. The Curling Club will manage the bar for Men’s Night. Mark your calendar Flu Clinic – Nov. 25 Christmas Makers Market – Dec. 12 Festival of Trees – Dec. 12 Courthouse Centennial Celebration – July 3-4, 2021 Staying active is a key component to optimal health. Look for ways to stay active even in the winter months. Stay up to date on programming that is happening in our community. Please be mindful of ensuring that if you are out shovelling, you do it safely. A few quick tips : Warm up, push rather than lift, keep the load light, take breaks, wear layers, stay hydrated. Keep yourself well! Sask Health Line - 811 West Central Crisis Center – 1-306-463-6655 West Central Crisis after hours – 1-306-463-1860 (24 hour line) Heartland Health Region - 1-866-268-9139 Kids Help Phone – 1-800-668-6868 Kerrobert Food Bank - 834-5294 or 834-8292 Kerrobert KidSport – 834-2344 Kerrobert Handibus – 834-7464 Recreation on call phone – 834-8355 Bobbi Hebron Recreation Director