January 6th, 2021 Covid 19 Update

January 06, 2021

Jan 6, 2021

Week 43 of Covid and Week 3 of vaccine arrival to Sask –

Happy New Year!  This Christmas season and first week into January thankfully provided us with pleasant weather allowing people to spend some time outside.  The trails, the streets and the reservoir were busy places.  It was great to see people out skating, walking, cross country skiing, tobogganing or even driving through the reservoir to view the wildlife.  Our family cleared the snow out of our summer fire pit and enjoyed sitting around the fire and much time outside.  Not everyone was able to be there, but Facetime brought us together in a different way.

Although the Recreation facilities are not as busy as they usually are, the Recreation office is a busy place as we are off and running to plan for 2021.  The Recreation Budget will be completed this month which requires making plans for all of 2021.  We have a balance of capital projects and expenditures to recommend as well as an operating budget similar to 2020.  We know that the revenue for 2021 is likely to be reduced so we are planning accordingly.  More information will be shared in the next month regarding plans for 2021.  If you have some great ideas regarding recreation in our community, the Recreation Board members and myself invite you to contact us.  “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Mead.

Recent Covid Updates
There has been no change to recreation Covid guidelines which are in place to Jan. 15.  I anticipate another major announcement on Jan 11 or 12 which will be based on the current numbers and give us direction for likely another month.  The government is asking us to take extra precautions as they evaluate the numbers following potential Christmas gatherings.  I am fortunate to be working from home as much as I am able for a few weeks but can be reached by phone at any time.  Here is a quick run down of what we will continue to follow :

·       Masks and social distancing must be must be maintained in all facilities and public spaces regardless of the activities (hockey practises, public skate, Walk this Way)

·       Reservations at our PCC for banquets, conferences, meetings, wedding and funerals will be limited to 30 people and no food or beverages are to be present or to be served and all guest must be seated for the duration.

·       Walk this Way program is currently allowing 8 people to be in the building at one time.

·       Hockey training/practises for kids 18 and under is permitted to continue with a maximum of 8 kids on the ice at one time.

·       Public Skate is currently allowing 15 skaters on the ice at one time to a maximum of 30 people in the building at one time (15 skaters, 15 spectators/parents).  Shinny is not permitted due to the unlikeliness of social distancing being maintained.

·       The skating ice is available for rent for a maximum of 10 skaters providing no sticks or pucks are used and social distancing is maintained at all times.

·       People may meet and greet outdoors with up to 10 people if physical distancing between households can be maintained.  Outdoor rinks allow for 30 people if social distancing is maintained and toboggan hills are open to unlimited numbers providing the hill is large enough for social distancing.

Kerrobert Library
The Library remains open and it continues to provide us with an opportunity to travel without having to leave our home by simply reading a good book.  Jan 27 is Family Literacy Day and the theme is “Travel the World Together”.  Be sure to take the time to visit or call the Library this month.  If you need a Library card, our staff will be happy to help you.

Christmas Cheer Stories
In December I shared many local Christmas Cheer stories of great initiatives that local people were doing to brighten the spirits of our community.  If you aren’t already, be sure to follow the Facebook page “Town of Kerrobert Culture and Recreation” to read up on some of these great stories.  A quick recap of these stories to keep your heart warm through January: Mrs. Halter and Gr. 11 and 12 KCS student sewed, gathered donations and delivered hygiene bags to the Mennonite Central committee in Saskatoon; Monika Knorr gathered donations of purses full of hygiene products to support homeless women to Lighthouse Supported Living in Saskatoon; the Kerrobert Memory Tree raised $280 for the Kerrobert Cemetery and was full of 102 names of family and friends who were remembered; local KCS student Evan Neumeier raised awareness and collected donations for the Kerrobert Food Bank; the Secret Santa Tree started by Lori Zerr and Kim Wack, provided gifts to seniors at Hillside, Pioneer Have and Kerrobert Long Term Care facilities;  the hard work by the Courthouse Restoration Society on the Festival of Trees and Courthouse lights brought joy throughout the month and local businesses and anonymous doners provided free meals to Hillside Lodge residents and families and individuals in our community.  There was also a video circulating that Santa made a quick stop in Kerrobert on Christmas Eve to say a hello!  We know that there are a number of other great initiatives that were undertaken by locals in December as there is throughout the year, and that each of these stories includes a number of helpers to make the magic happen.   Thank you for sharing your stories with the Recreation Department this year so that we can all be reminded of the generosity and kindness that remains during this time.

Mark your calendars :
Family Literacy Day – Jan 27
Courthouse Centennial Celebration and Rodeo 2021 – July 3-4, 2021

Council Appointments for 2021
The Recreation Board would like to welcome Mike Mitchell as our new Town Council Representative! Mike will be such a welcome addition to our Rec team as he and his wife Rayanne have lived and raised a family here who frequented and participated in every recreation facility and activity that our community has to offer.  Mike will be a strong advocate for culture and recreation in Kerrobert as he knows first hand what needs to happen to keep kids and adults involved and active.  Welcome also to Heather Wack who will fill in for Mike if he is unable to attend.  Heather is hands on and fully committed and dedicated to the culture and recreation in our community.  If she is not volunteering at a Town facility, she is thinking of how to improve it.  We are so pleased to see Heathers return to Council!  Please find attached more appointments of Council :

Kerrobert Cemetery Committee : Brad Murphy and Chad Tetzlaff
Kerrobert Chamber of Commerce : Wayne Mock and Terry Dunn
Kerrobert Fire Department : Wayne Mock and Del-Marie Kissick
Kerrobert Pioneer Haven Board : Chad Tetzlaff and Brad Murphy
Kerrobert Courthouse Committee : Heather Wack
Wheatland Regional Library : Heather Wack and Del-Marie Kissick
KLD Foundation and Doctor Recruitment Committee : Brad Murphy and Del-Marie Kissick
Western Regional Landfill : Terry Dunn and Mike Mitchell
Community Future Meridian Committee: Wayne Mock
West Central Municipal Government Committee : Wayne Mock
North West Resource Corridor Planning Commission : Chad Tetzlaff and Brad Murphy

A few reminders:

·       Ice depth at the Reservoir MUST be checked if you have intentions go on the ice for any reason.

·       If you are a hunter and would like horns or antlers measured, please call Calvin Kohlman at 834-8096 or Rob at 834-5078 or 834-7445.

·       Our Handibus continues to operate on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays by calling 834-7464.

·       Kerrobert History books are on sale for $20 from the Town office.

January is often a difficult month for people and Covid restrictions will not help.  Please consider ways to keep your spirits up and the spirits of your friends and family.  Stay active, stay connected to others, open your windows to sunshine, stand outside, listen to music, dance, color or paint, wave to people, smile and be kind to others.  But please reach out to a professional if you are in need of extra help.

Sask Health Line - 811
West Central Crisis Center – 1-306-463-6655
West Central Crisis after hours – 1-306-463-1860 (24 hour line)
Heartland Health Region - 1-866-268-9139
Kids Help Phone – 1-800-668-6868
Kerrobert Food Bank - 834-5294 or 834-8292
Kerrobert KidSport – 834-2344
Kerrobert Handibus – 834-7464
Recreation on call phone – 834-8355

Bobbi Hebron
Recreation Director