January 13, 2021 Covid 19 Update

January 13, 2021

Jan 13, 2021

Week 44 of Covid and Week 4 of vaccine arrival to Sask – There has been no change to recreation Covid guidelines except to extend them for another two weeks.   The restrictions have not been reduced due to the increase of Covid cases and the Saskatchewan government continues to ask us to be vigilant in hopes that they do not need to implement further restrictions in February.  Many people are frustrated, and it’s been common to hear, “I’m done with Covid” or “Noone else is following the restrictions, why should I.” or “It’s not here in Kerrobert, I will worry when it is.”  But sadly, Covid is not done with us yet and it continues to be a danger to those we love.  You need look no further than Wakaw or Wilkie to know the devastating effects it continues to have.  As always, the Rec Department will continue to follow the guidelines whether we like them or not, in an effort to keep our residents, especially the most vulnerable, safe.  Here is a quick run down of the restrictions we will continue to follow :

·       Masks and social distancing must be must be maintained in all facilities and public spaces regardless of the activities (hockey practises, public skate, Walk this Way)

·       Reservations at our PCC for banquets, conferences, meetings, wedding and funerals will be limited to 30 people and no food or beverages are to be present or to be served and all guest must be seated for the duration.

·       Walk this Way program is currently allowing 8 people to be in the building at one time.

·       Hockey training/practises for kids 18 and under is permitted to continue with a maximum of 8 kids on the ice at one time.

·       Public Skate is currently allowing 15 skaters on the ice at one time to a maximum of 30 people in the building at one time (15 skaters, 15 spectators/parents).  Shinny is not permitted due to the unlikeliness of social distancing being maintained.

·       The skating ice is available for rent for a maximum of 10 skaters providing no sticks or pucks are used and social distancing is maintained at all times.

·       People may meet and greet outdoors with up to 10 people if physical distancing between households can be maintained.  Outdoor rinks allow for 30 people if social distancing is maintained and toboggan hills are open to unlimited numbers providing the hill is large enough for social distancing.

·       Mens Night at the Curling Rink remains on hold with the Curling Committee meeting this week to discuss how much longer they maintain the ice.

·       Social distancing is strongly encouraged between staff and the public.  I am currently working from home as much as I am able but am happy to talk by phone or email.

Recreation Budget
The Recreation Board Bylaw requires that the Recreation Director prepares a budget based on current trends as well as on recommendations from staff who track equipment and building maintenance; from committees (Park committee, Curling Rink committee, PCC committee, Library Board and Fairground committee); and from the community.  The first draft of the Recreation budget is under review and attempts has been made to curb expenses so as to be prepared for the decrease in booth and bar revenue and rentals.  We also are committed to providing a high level of recreation and culture opportunities and, of course, to maintain our most valuable asset – our staff.  Watch for more information!

Summer Student Job Opportunities
Summer Student job opportunities for the Town of Kerrobert will be posted in February.  The Kindersley Aquatic Center has started advertising their lifesaving courses and this is the time for those considering becoming a Lifeguard to look into taking the courses needed or to recert courses that may have lapsed.  Our swim program, including offering lessons to KCS students in June, is completely dependant on if we have the qualified guards to offer the program. Dependant of grants received, we also anticipate job opportunities in Parks and perhaps Park programming  

Being a lifeguard in Kerrobert will provide youth with an opportunity to learn lifesaving skills, make connections with families in the community, develop leadership skills, and to be part of team that believes in bettering our community through service.  And for those willing to do their best work, a valuable reference is given to future employers.

Recreation Advertising
It can’t be said enough how much our local business support is appreciated by the Recreation Department.  Many businesses over the years have participated in Billboard Advertising or purchased a Curling house ring to help support recreation at the Kerrobert Memorial Arena.  We know this has been a difficult year for many businesses and for those who were unable to participate this year, there are promises that they will return when able.  And for those who participated despite the quieter season, we thank you.  Please shop local and support those who support us!

KidSport applications are at an all time high in Kerrobert.   The committee receives some provincial funding and local support however, the funds have been depleted.  Therefore, they must find other sources of income or turn away families who cannot afford to put their children in registered sports.  If you have considered donating to this important cause, you many contact the Rec Director who in turn will ensure the funds are received by that committee.  We anticipate that in April, more applications will be received for ball and swim lesson registration.

Kerrobert Library
Jan 27 is Family Literacy Day and the theme is “Travel the World Together”.  The Kerrobert Library has teamed up with the West Central Literacy Committee to provide a fun experience during the week celebrating Family Literacy Day.  Watch for more information!  It’s been great to see new faces at the Library as many are finding these quieter months a great time to read.  Our friendly librarians will be happy to help you find the book you are looking for or to apply for a new Library card.  Be sure to call them for more information.

Mark your calendars :
Family Literacy Day – Jan 27
Courthouse Centennial Celebration and Rodeo 2021 – July 3-4, 2021

A few reminders:

·       Ice depth at the Reservoir MUST be checked if you have intentions go on the ice for any reason. The recent warmer weather can create unsafe conditions.

·       Our Handibus continues to operate on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays by calling 834-7464.

·       Kerrobert History books are on sale for $20 from the Town office.

I picked up a great book from the Kerrobert Library called, The Book of Hygge – the Danish Art of Contentment, Comfort and Connection by Louisa Thomsen Brits.  “Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is a Danish word but a universal feeling of being warm, safe, comforted and sheltered – an experience of belonging to the moment and to each other”.  It’s been a lovely read and a nice escape as the Covid pandemic and all sorts of other worldly distractions occur.  January can be a particularly difficult month during the best of times due to the cold and the lack of daylight, then add to that “Covid fatigue” and it can bring all sorts of problems to our mental health.  Even our Premier, Scott Moe, stated that he himself is experiencing Covid fatigue.  Try to find a safe escape from the daily troubles and be sure to reach out to a professional if you need to.

Sask Health Line - 811
West Central Crisis Center – 1-306-463-6655
West Central Crisis after hours – 1-306-463-1860 (24 hour line)
Heartland Health Region - 1-866-268-9139
Kids Help Phone – 1-800-668-6868
Kerrobert Food Bank - 834-5294 or 834-8292
Kerrobert KidSport – 834-2344
Kerrobert Handibus – 834-7464
Recreation on call phone – 834-8355

Bobbi Hebron
Recreation Director