Temporary Disruption to Emergency Services

February 24, 2022

Message from Saskatchewan Health Authority:

Please be advised of the temporary disruption to Emergency Services at Kerrobert Health Centre due to limited physician coverage for the following dates:

Friday, February 25 from 17:00 - 19:00 PM (2 Hours)

There will continue to be 24 hour RN services, Emergency medical services (EMS) and Lab/Xray. Inpatient and Community Services are not expected to change. 

Physician services are available in Kindersley (306-463-1000) Unity (306-228-2666) and Biggar (306-948-3323) durin gthis times. For urgent physician services we encourage the public to access care in one of these communities. 

If a client happens to present at the Emergency Department, they will be assessed and triaged by a Registered Nurse. 

Please remember to: 

Call 911 for emergencies

Call HealthLine toll-free 24hrs/day at 811 if you have questions about you health.