Kerrobert & District Wildlife Federation  

Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation

 What we're all about:

The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation is a nonprofit, non-government, charitable organization of over 30,000 members in 122 branches across Saskatchewan representing every walk of life. Per capita we are the largest wildlife conservation organization of its kind in the world. Established in 1929, the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation has become an acknowledged leader in the conservation field.

As a provincial organization, we are committed to the wise use and management of all our natural resources. Every resource use decision must be made with the most up-to-date information available and with long term planning being a part of that decision. The preservation of habitat for all species of fish and wildlife has become the single most important task for both governments and private conservation groups. The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation is an acknowledged leader in this field through its many programs. The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation strongly supports the principle that hunting, trapping, and fishing contribute to the management, and therefore, the sustainability of our wildlife resources. Rights of the hunters, trappers, and anglers should not be infringed upon and legislation to protect them from harassment while participating in these activities should be enacted. Hunting, fishing and trapping, conducted in a responsible manner in accordance with regulations, are wise uses of our renewable natural resources consistent with the conservation ethic.

The SWF is not only an advocate for its 30,000 members and all conservationists in the province, but also provides a voice for wildlife. Through Habitat Trust, and Wildlife Tomorrow, tens of thousands of acres have been purchased by the Federation, and over 10,000 acres have been received in outright donations. Millions of trees have been planted on separate parcels throughout the province to provide food and shelter for wildlife and habitat improvement. Our Fisheries Program brings together concerned members and volunteers with municipal, provincial and federal governments to develop projects such as fish stocking, stream enhancement and trout ponds. As a leader in conservation education, the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation provides a wide variety of programs and resources for its members, schools, and youth organizations throughout the province.

Our Mission

  • To ensure the wild life legacy we leave to our children surpasses that which we inherited.

Our Objectives

  • To acknowledge first and foremost that the wildlife of the province is a public resource belonging to all Saskatchewan residents, and to ensure the resource remains equally accessible to all residents of the province.
  • To promote conservation, fishing, trapping, hunting, the shooting sports, and wildlife oriented activities.
  • To practice and promote wise management and use of our natural resources.
  • To develop and maintain conservation policies.
  • To develop and maintain conservation and educational programs.
  • To acquire and enhance habitat for wildlife.
  • To accept donations of real estate, monetary funds, and materials for the purpose of furthering the sustainability of the resource.
  • To keep provincial measuring records of big game heads, recognizing the Henry Kelsey record keeping association as an ancillary body of the organization.


Memberships may be purchased from:

Bonnie Pangman:                 (306) 834-9324

Kevin Meek:                          (306) 834-9058

D'Lux Archery & Hardware:   (306) 834-2427

If you would like more information on the Kerrobert & District Wildlife Federation, please contact Wes Ternes at (306) 834-7835.