Things to do

In summer the Poolside Park between Pacific & Manitoba Avenues is a great place for picnics, while the Swimming Pool and Wading Pool complete with water toys is a great place for the kids to work off some energy or stay cool!

Poolside park


The Kerrobert Golf Course on Columbia Avenue - right beside the Water Tower - is an affordable 9 hole grass greens course - try it out!

Kerrobert Golf Course

The Kerrobert Wildlife Federation Trout Pond/Park is stocked with ready-to-catch fish and is fun for the whole family.  Drive or take a walk out using the Kerrobert Interpretive Nature Trail.

Wildlife Federation Reservoir

 The Kerrobert Cultural Center: 

Courthouse in Kerrobert

The Kerrobert Cultural Center is housed within a beautiful former courthouse building built in 1920 which was purchased and repurposed by the Town of Kerrobert. The building now houses the Town's municipal offices, rental spaces, meeting rooms and the Cultural Center which is comprised of the Kerrobert Courtroom Gallery, the Kerrobert Museum and the Kerrobert Wheatland Regional Library.

The Kerrobertr Courtroom Gallery showcases the work and narratives of many Saskatchewan and local artists. The Kerrobert & District Museum is alive with rich history that will allow you to take a journey into the past and has its displays from all around the region dispersed througout the upper floor and basement of the building. The Kerrobert Wheatland Library is part of a province-wide public library system and is also located in the courthouse building on the main floor.

The building itself is an exciting tourist stop! The plans for the courthouse were drawn up by the provincial architect Maurice W. Sharon and the contractors that built it were Wilson & Wilson of Regina. The building is amazing to see for its architecture alone. 

The building is designated a municipal heritage building and is listed on the Canadian Register of Historic Places. It is located at 433 Manitoba Avenue in Kerrobert, SK. There is no admission but donations are gratefully accepted. It is open year round except for government holidays and weekends. Come visit and enjoy! 

Fun Fact:

The building has also had its fair share of ghost stories as well. Are they real? Many believe so, many don't. If you search the internet, stories abound from those that have visited the building for paranormal "encounters"! You can decide for yourself!